Corporate Social Responsibility

Supply chain management

ENN EC adheres to the principle of open, fair and just procurement, constantly standardizes supplier management, improves procurement processes and mechanisms, and creates a good competitive environment for suppliers.The Company has established supplier and contractor selection, appraisal and exit mechanism, integrated factors such as business morality, employee rights, quality and safety, environmental impact and social influence into assessment requirements of suppliers and project contractors. It rejects to cooperate with suppliers and contractors nonconforming to national environment and social risks.

Case: Xindi Energy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. held the first suppliers conference in 2018

In July 2018, Xindi Energy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. organized and held the suppliers conference themed as “driving strategic cooperation and creating better future jointly”. In the conference, the vast support of suppliers in the past year are confirmed, and the confidence and demand of the Company in the market is forecasted. In the conference, Xindi Energy Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. discussed elements such as long-term cost optimization and mutual benefit objective with extensive suppliers, analyzed positivity and insufficiencies during cooperation, and put forward corresponding overall plan and requirements. A site visit and technical exchange link was set in the conference, which enhanced bilateral willingness for cooperation and further consolidated strategic partnership of both parties.