Development strategy

To be a more ecological enterprise

         The global rapid development of clean energy and high value on environmental protection and energy safety will generate profound influence on development of future energy industry; the development space in fields of coal clean utilization, natural gas and renewable energy in China is still large.

         Chinese government puts forward to insist on the strategic policy of “energy conservation, cleanness, and safety”, implement four strategies of energy conservation priority, domestic market basis, green and low-carbon development, and innovation-driving to speed up establishment of a clean, efficient, safe and sustainable modern energy system.

        Since 2013, the Chinese government has successively released a serious of strategic action plans for energy development and pollution prevention measures, and clearly required by 2017 to lower the coal consumption proportion in total energy consumption below 65%, strengthen construction of gas supply facilities, expand natural gas import, expand natural gas urban application in an ordered way; by 2020 to improve the proportion of natural gas in primary energy consumption above 10%.

         Based on clean-oriented modern energy development trend, the natural gas demand in China in the future will continuously keep a high-speed growth. In July 2018, International Energy Agency released Gas Market Report 2018. From 2017-2023, China is expected to contribute 37% of global natural gas consumption growth, higher than that of any other country; China will become the world’s largest natural gas importer by 2019; by 2023, the natural gas import will reach 171 billion m3, in which the most is LNG.

         In order to boost sustainable development in China, ENN EC orients to acquire upstream resources of natural gas based on domestic natural resource endowment of rich coal, lean oil and deficient gas. It becomes an innovative and competitive natural gas upstream supplier, strengthens core competitiveness for coal-based clean energy business, improves natural gas resource acquisition ability, and works hard to realize modern energy system of China.

Strategic transformation for sustainable development in China

 Challenge from sustainable development 


 • The external dependence degree of energy is high; the external dependence degree of crude oil and natural gas respectively approaches to 70% and 40%.

• The coal clean and efficient utilization conversion technology still faces bottlenecks, leading to large investment and low return of coal clean and efficient utilization project.  

Opportunities brought by sustainable development


• Natural gas demand grows rapidly: the domestic natural gas demand growth tops the world, and the increment accounts for 37%

• The proportion of coal clean and efficient utilization approaches to 30%, and the improvement space is still large

• The “Belt and Road” initiative accelerates diversified supply layout, and overseas investment ushers in opportunities

Sustainable development strategy


ENN EC orients to become an innovative and competitive natural gas upstream supplier by acquiring upstream resources of natural gas.

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