Community Fund and Donation to Charity

         ENN EC insists on sharing development benefit with the society for long, encourages all employees to actively feed back to society, carries out targeted poverty alleviation, devotes in charity donation, organizes employees to participate in volunteer services, and carefully practices caring and responsibilities of the enterprise to society.

         Targeted poverty alleviation

ENN EC actively responds to the spirits of central government poverty alleviation development working conference; comprehensively knows important role of targeted poverty alleviation in building a moderately well-off society in an all-round way; closely follows requirements of each level of government for poverty-alleviation development; guarantees the poverty alleviation target is implemented through targeted poverty alleviation in multiple ways.


Support object: In accordance with the requirements in “One Thousand Enterprises Help One Thousand Villages” Targeted Poverty Alleviation of Hebei Province, ENN EC confirms five support objects including Luotuoyu Village and Niugang Village in Yixian County, Baoding, and Shangwopu Village, Nanwopu Village and Shuajiancaogou Village in Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City.

Working policy Start from solution of actual problems and stick to the principle of “being practical and realistic”; pay attention to long-acting effect of supporting measures combining long-term and short-term situations; realize win-win cooperation of support objects and ENN industrial development starting from local situations and considering from overall aspects.

“Actively undertaking social responsibilities is the gene and base for survival of ENN enterprises. We perform social responsibilities by combining enterprise strategy and national strategy; the mission of performing social responsibilities is to create beautiful ecology and continuously make energy innovation, while the power is to feed fortune to people and society.”

--- Chairman of ENN EC: Mr. Wang Yusuo

Case: ENN EC won the “2017 Best Practice Award for Corporate Social Responsibilities”

From 2016, ENN EC clarified to improve infrastructure and poverty-stricken households due to school and disease problems in two villages in Yixian County, Baoding City, Hebei Province; provide free energy solutions to three villages in Chongli, Zhangjiakou in combination with beautiful village construction plan, and meanwhile provide suitable subsidy to filed poverty-stricken households; the targeted poverty alleviation mode according to actual situations of each village and combining demands of filed poverty-stricken households is appraised by local people and government.In November 2017, ENN EC won the “2017 Best Practice Award for Corporate Social Responsibilities” relying on its outstanding contribution in practicing CSR in “Great Nation Responsibility” 2017 Summit Forum on CSR in China held by China Business Journal.

Legend: ENN EC won the “2017 Best Practice Award for Corporate Social Responsibilities” in “Great Nation Responsibility” 2017 Summit Forum on CSR in China held by China Business Journal in November 2017;

         In 2018, ENN EC accumulatively inputted fund of RMB 1.3 Million to help targeted poverty alleviation action in Hebei Province.

The Company inputted RMB 1 million to support nonlocal relocation
Kangbao County of Zhangjiakou is a key county for national poverty-alleviation development.In 2018, ENN EC actively responded to the comprehensive poverty alleviation objective of the central government, and inputted RMB 1 Million for overall relocation (seven villages are integrated into one) and infrastructure construction project; the Company helped 94 resident households covering 219 people. After moving to South Qiaojiaying Village, the poverty-stricken pollution will realize reemployment in the Aquaculture Industrial Park and Chinese Herbal Medicine Park constructed in the new zone.  Under support of ENN EC for nonlocal poverty-alleviation relocation, the survival, production and living conditions of residents in South Qiaojiaying Village are improved.

The Company inputted RMB 250,000 Yuan in educational poverty alleviation
Education is the hope of family and foundation for social progress. In order to protect the students in poverty-stricken households for learning and growth, in 2018, South Qiaojiaying Village reached subsidy agreement with ENN Charitable Foundation and Langfang Charity Federation on subsidizing poverty-stricken freshmen in Langfang. They subsidized 25 children in urban and rural household receiving subsistence allowances and orphan university freshmen at one time, with each person RMB 10000 Yuan, totally 250,000 Yuan. The subsidy plan establishes a bridge access to the future for aspiring and capable students in poverty-stricken households, and makes their dream of university come true.

The Company inputted RMB 50,000 Yuan in rescue and relief
A extraordinary rainstorm and hail took place on June 18, 2018, attacking Xinwangzhuang Village, Yangyuan County, Zhangjiakou. About 400mu corns were impacted seriously in the village.In order to reduce loss in corps maximally, ENN EC donated about RMB 50,000 Yuan to Xinwangzhuang Village, Yangyuan County in the shortest time to buy urea, pesticide and some seeds so that villagers may finish secondary plantation in a short time and try to reduce their losses.

“Since 2013 when targeted poverty alleviation became a national strategy, the listed companies have become the major force to greatly support Party Central Committee to get rid of poverty.In recent years, nationwide branches of ENN EC have been actively carrying out local anti-poverty work through Party and mass organizations. In next three years, ENN EC will always practice corporate social responsibilities, cooperate with each level of Party organizations to better carry out efficient and targeted poverty alleviation project, and make maximum contribution to realizing comprehensive poverty alleviation objective by 2020.”

--- Secretary of Party Committee of ENN EC: Guo Jingbo

Legend: Guo Jingbo, the Secretary of Party Committee of ENN EC attended the “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Social Organizations Follow the Party and Help Poverty Alleviation Action” Program Cooperation Conference.

         Xinneng Mining Co., Ltd. carried out poverty alleviation from 2008 to 2017 and gained great achievements

Case: Tanks note for education subsidy and title of “Advanced Collective for Donation to Education”


In 2011, Xinneng Mining Co., Ltd. donated RMB 3 Million Yuan for education in Yijinhuoluo Banner, and again donated RMB 5 Million in 2018 to support local education development. It received the thanks note for education subsidy from local people’s government.  

Land requisition and relocation : accumulatively relocate 812 population in 387 households in eight communities of two villages; help the government to dismantle over 30,000 m2 illegal buildings, and remove 532mu illegally planted fruit trees;

educational support : input RMB 60,000 Yuan to support poverty-stricken households and college students, and subsidize 20 people;

industry support : invest RMB 200,000 Yuan to support construction of village collectives (chicken house and pig farm)

support : donate RMB 150,000 Yuan to participate in rescue of serious diseases and accidents;

facility improvement : invest RMB 150,000 Yuan to support village infrastructure construction; investment RMB 600,000 Yuan to participate in ten full coverage projects on both poles of the Banner town;

energy supply : provide coal for free to over 1300 people in 10 communities of two villages from 2012, and continuously supply 18522t in several years, about RMB 3.563 Million;

environmental governance : invest RMB 400,000 Yuan to participate in environmental protection work including beautiful village construction and environmental governance;

flood fighting and disaster relief : the rescue team participated in fire fighting, flood fighting and rescue actions, and saved economic loss of RMB 1.2 Million Yuan

ENN EC encourages and leads employees to devote to various volunteer activities, and establishes brand, conventional and diversified supporting activities relying on ENN Group’s “rainbow flower” volunteer service brand to provide services and assistances to others and the society, cultivate awareness of social participation, and pass on love and warm.

        Volunteer services

        In the report term, ENN EC owns 137 volunteers who have provided 60 times volunteer services and participated in service for 238hours

Case: Carry out “rainbow flower” volunteer services


On Dec. 23, 2017 when the Christmas and New Year were approaching, ENN EC and ENN Charitable Foundation jointly organized over twenty ENN “Rainbow Flower” volunteers to Langfang Fucong Speech Training School, and lead disabled children to experience a special “workmanship class”.

The activity was carried out through “one-to-one” mode. Volunteers elaborately arranged and prepared Christmas trees, game props and various ingredients for children, and jointly finished making Christmas card, holiday lanterns, and apple packing with kids. They displayed the art results to everyone.In the link of Merry Christmas Party, volunteers played pining nose game, presented gifts and offered performances with kids. They spent warm and happy weekends together.

Legend: Volunteers did art projects with kids

Corporate Social Responsibility